The Eiffel Tower at Night

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About This Item

Everyone loves the Eiffel Tower! The most romantic jigsaw! This symbol of romance lives in the heart of Paris and is admired all over the world. Did you know it is named after the engineer “Gustave Eiffel”, whose company designed and built the tower? Imagine a picnic under the tower set to a background of a magical starry sky. You can bring it home with our stunning izzipuzzle!


Famous Landmark


izzipuzzle (


Clear Polypropylene (about 1mm in thickness)

Number of Pieces

150 Pieces (each piece is about 8mm (0.315 inch) in both length and width)

Age Restrictions

Children over 8 years of age and Adults


Why Buy an izzipuzzle?

As well as the beautiful design you can see above, this puzzle has other great benefits! Check them out- 

Made from the material Approved by the FDA - This Mini Clear Plastic Jigsaw Puzzle’s Material is made of clear Polypropylene (PP) which is approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Unlike other materials it is harmless to the body and does not release any harmful chemicals! 

Can Stand High Temperatures - Travelling somewhere hot? Lucky you! No need to worry about your izzipuzzle overheating. This jigsaw can stand hot climates and is safe to sanitize in hot water.

Dust Free – Our mini clear plastic puzzles do not generate any dust! 

A Perfect Image - Our awesome puzzles are printed after surface treatment. This means the image is crisp and clear for your enjoyment! The printed image does not peel off easily - unlike a conventional jigsaw puzzle.

Precise Fit - Our super sharp proprietary cutting knives have created the perfect miniature jigsaw! Each puzzle piece is cut precisely compared to ensure smooth edges and a perfect fit. The result?  A miniature jigsaw puzzle with zero lumps, bumps or gaps to ruin the final image. 

Easy Transportation – As the puzzle pieces are miniaturized, it is easy super easy to carry your jigsaw around! Great for trains or cars as our puzzles can squeeze into the smallest of spaces! 

Quick Completion – Our 150-piece puzzle can be completed in around One Hour for jigsaw puzzle experts or little more for average puzzlers. Enhance your concentration by completing it in one sitting! It’s a really confidence boost for both child and adult puzzle lovers! 

The Perfect Gift -  Who doesn’t love a puzzle?! Our stunningly designed miniature puzzles are perfect for birthdays, Christmas and any other special occasion! Surprise a loved family member or friend with this gorgeous gift. 

The Finished Product 

The approximate size of the completed puzzle is 4.724 inch (L) x 3.15 inch (W) (120mm x 80mm).