Calling all puzzle fans! 

Are you looking for the next step in puzzle fun?! 

We love puzzles more than ANYONE. As the ultimate jigsaw enthusiasts - we’re here to make gaming that little bit better! 

At izzipuzzle.com, we have changed the face of the jigsaw puzzle world. We have created the first ever Mini Clear Plastic (Polypropylene) Jigsaw puzzle! Why? You might ask. Well here is a little bit of information to show why our super puzzles are simply the best.

  • Our puzzles are made from the material approved by the FDA. 
    Conventionally, Jigsaw puzzles are made from paper or wood. These materials can be harmful to the human respiratory system as they release dust and nasty chemicals. 
    We decided it was time for a change! The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have approved our raw material (Polypropylene) suitable for plastic food containers, confirming it is harmless to the body.  Unlike other types of plastic such as Polyethylene (PE), our material Polypropylene (PP) does not generate Dioxins when it reaches high temperatures. It is safe to sanitize in hot water and leave outside such as inside car in hot weather or climates, so you can enjoy your jigsaw-tastic afternoons harm-free. 
    • On-the-go Puzzling 

    Our light, mini puzzle pieces are perfect for jigsawing on the move. Our puzzle pieces are each around 8mm (0.315 inches) in both length and width! Creating the perfect compact puzzle for you to transport easily and enjoy in smaller spaces. 

    •  Smooth Cutting Surfaces for a Clear Picture 

    Our proprietary cutting knives have the superpower to perfectly craft every jigsaw piece! Our awesome tools make it possible to miniaturize our puzzles whilst ensuring a smooth cutting surface. We cut the edges so precisely that the gap between the puzzle pieces is almost non-existent! Our puzzle edges are smoothly cut and fit together perfectly. No more awkward pieces! 

    The result? A miniature jigsaw puzzle with zero lumps, bumps or gaps to ruin the final image.

    • Frame Provided 

    Our super handy packaging also doubles up as a display case! It has never been easier to show off your hard work in a stylish and easy manner. 

    • Sturdy and Strong! 
    Our perfect fit puzzle pieces stick together like birds of a feather! They are far harder to disassemble than conventional jigsaw pieces. So you don’t have to worry about a light slip of the hand ruining all of your hard work!
    And don't worry - there is no glue needed, to keep your izzi puzzle intact. Once your pieces are together, your image will stay fixed for as long or as little as you like.


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    *Please note - designs or photographed images may cause licensing problems. Please do not upload an image to our site unless you are a license holder.  


    Looking for a personalized puzzle for your company’s souvenir?  

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