About Mini Clear Plastic Puzzles

izzipuzzle.com is an online store specializing in developing, manufacturing, and selling puzzles, games, and their accessories. izzipuzzle.com has started selling mini (average puzzle piece size being about 8mm (0.315 inch)) clear plastic Jigsaw puzzles for the first time in the world. We call this mini clear plastic jigsaw puzzle 'izzipuzzle'.


Jigsaw puzzles, which have been conventionally made of paper or wood, generate the dust from the raw materials that is harmful to human respiratory system and are hard to carry around due to big puzzle size and poor cohesion among puzzle pieces. However, we overcame these problems by making our izzipuzzles from polypropylene with our unique engineering approach to jigsaw puzzle. Especially, polypropylene is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for harmless to the body, does not generate the dust, and can withstand at high temperatures. We could make our izzipuzzle pieces made of polypropylene so small by using our proprietary cutting knives, so you can enjoy the puzzles anywhere and anytime.


izzipuzzle's cutting surface is very precise and accurate, and the gap between puzzle pieces is very small compared to conventional jigsaw puzzle made of paper. As a result, our perfect fit puzzle pieces stick together like birds of a feather! They are far harder to disassemble than conventional jigsaw pieces. So, you don’t have to worry about a light slip of the hand ruining all of your hard work! Our super handy packaging also doubles up as a display case! It has never been easier to show off your hard work in a stylish and easy manner.

Enjoy our izzipuzzle!