June 06, 2021 2 min read

The jigsaw puzzle is an ancient educational tool that has been in existent since the 1760s. While it's a fun game that brings people together more than anything, teachers can use jigsaw puzzles as education tools in all courses.

Advantages Of Jigsaw Puzzles - Students primarily use jigsaws for games. As a teacher, you can take advantage of such game sessions to impart knowledge. As the students solve an elephant puzzle game, that interaction can act as a way of practising the learning material among themselves.

It's also a great mental exercise because students must think critically to devise ways of putting the jigsaw pieces together. Digital jigsaw puzzles are even better as you can create one quickly and share it with your students anytime for solving.

Ways To Use Digital Jigsaw Puzzles In Your Lessons

Creating a jigsaw by hand is not child’s play; it's a lot of work. But making them digitally is quick and easy, and you can have your jigsaw puzzle game in a short time. Here are a few ways you can use jigsaws in your lessons.

  • In Math Lesson - You can give your students, especially those in elementary classes, numbered puzzles to solve during a math lesson. Such puzzles go a long way in triggering the student's problem-solving skills. It also enhances their critical thinking as they try to bring pieces together to find a solution.
  • In Language Lessons - By playing jigsaw puzzle games, the students speaking skills grow. As they solve the puzzles, allow them to explain every step to other students. And after they have solved the puzzle, let them describe the picture that they have put together. This enhances their speaking skills and builds self-esteem and confidence in them.
  • In Biology Lessons - Yes, jigsaw puzzles can work in a biology class too. Get jigsaw puzzle pieces of a cell structure and ask the students to put them together. As they do so, they should describe every part of the cell and even state their functions. It will be challenging, but it will enhance their biology knowledge, especially when you derive the puzzle from a topic they struggle with.
  • In Art Lessons - Do you have a famous painting you would like to introduce to your students? Do so through a jigsaw puzzle and see the impact. They will learn to put art pieces together to make a complete picture.

Final Remarks - It is okay to give your students animal jigsaw puzzles to solve for fun and add value to their education. When you integrate jigsaw puzzles into education, teaching becomes much easier.