November 09, 2020 2 min read

Hello and welcome to the ultimate Jigsaw revolution!

 Here at izzipuzle we love all things puzzle related. We love puzzles so much we decided to improve them for everyone else. We’re nice like that you see…

 So, if you want to know what we’re all about, keep reading and join the Jigsaw revolution!

 The Idea

 We wanted to make puzzles as safe, easily accessible and as fun for all! It’s a simple plan that we’re very proud to follow.

 The Material

 As you know, normal Jigsaw puzzles are made from paper or wood. Did you know that these materials can be harmful to the human respiratory system as they release dust and nasty chemicals?

 We said, no thanks! And decided it was time for a change! We use Polypropylene which is FDA approved and harmless to the body. Unlike other types of plastic such as Polyethylene, our material Polypropylene does not generate dioxins when it reaches high temperatures.

 The Images

 We offer a wide range of puzzle images here at izzipuzzle! From famous landmarks to adorable animals - there is a fun jigsaw for everyone!

 We pride ourselves on offering a plethora of options, to make the experience fun for all the family!

 izzipuzzle Vs Conventional Jigsaws

 A conventional jigsaw leaves noticeable puzzle lines and is often awkward to slot together.

 However, here at izzipuzzle we use proprietary cutting knives that perfectly craft every jigsaw piece, ensuring a smooth cutting surface. We cut the edges so precisely that the gap between the puzzle pieces is almost non-existent! 

 You can enjoy a miniature jigsaw puzzle with no lumps, bumps or gaps to ruin the final image.

 PS - Our handy packaging doubles up as a display case! An easy way to show off all your hard work.

 Take a look for yourself

 Check out the images below to see the amazing difference between our izzipuzzles and a normal cardboard Jigsaw.


 Cardboard Jigsaw

  • Hard to slot together
  • Noticeable puzzle lines
  • Harmful material
  • Hard to display / move around


  • Perfect fit
  • Faint puzzle lines
  • Safe material
  • Easy to display in complementary case