October 12, 2020 2 min read

Jigsaw puzzles! We all know and love them.


The perfect past-time to relax on a rainy day. A fun activity to enjoy amongst friends. Masterpieces ready to add to your ever-expanding collection. However you use your jigsaw puzzles, you’re not the only one to enjoy their hours of fun.


So where did jigsaw puzzles start? Who created the first ever jigsaw puzzle?


Today - we’re here to tell you a little bit more about your favorite hobby.


Where did jigsaw puzzles start?


They began with a man called John Spilsbury,  London born cartographer!


In 1760 Spilsbury produced the first ever jigsaw puzzle (first named dissections) using a marquetry saw. They were originally used as tools for learning. Maps were dissected, cut along national boundaries and used as a method for teaching geography. Cool right?!


The Name


It wasn’t until the late 1800’s when the Jigsaw puzzle claimed its name.


Fun Fact -Did you know that the name jigsaw is actually a misnomer! In the late 1800’s the puzzles were cut with fretsaws, which is where the puzzle should have got its name. It’s said that the puzzle was mis-named after another cutting tool - The Jigsaw.


The Material


Jigsaws were originally made with wood. In the 1800’s people realized cardboard was cheaper and easier to use. Still, manufacturers believed that cardboard was low quality, so it took a while for them to replace the wood!


Today, most modern jigsaw puzzles are made out of paperboard. It is cheaper and easier to mass-produce than the original wooden models.


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Jigsaw puzzles rose to popularity during the Great Depression as they were super fun, cheap, recyclable and easy to get hold of!


Since then they have remained a popular past-time for many members of the public, particularly during COVID-19 with lockdown restrictions.


Want to know more?

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